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I started investing using a credit card to buy my first investment property, through it, I then bought his first block of flats leading to a cumulative portfolio of 1,000 plus units.

This led me to investing in sectors I had experience in and had growth prospects which included FMCG, retail, energy, hospitality and logistics/transport with “family

and friends” partners.

My current investment portfolio includes:

Lionshare Real Estate: Portfolio of land and Commercial properties

Lionshare Energy: The Fuel Company |

Lionshare Transport: Scania Franchise & Intermodal |

Lionshare Hospitality: Hotels & Restaurants |

Lionshare Capital + Private Equity: VC + PE

My investment partner companies employ over 1,000+ people directly.

Focusing ahead:

I have aligned myself to new focus on expanding my investing through PARNERSHIPS to take us to the next level through:

Lionshare Private Equity: Fund Manager:

Lionshare Empowered Partners: BEE Partnerships

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