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About Me

I am leader, visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist who seeks to add value to everything I do or say and seek to a value to everything touch. I am an advocate for entrepreneurship and my ethos, vision, drive and passion is to contribute to South Africa and Africa’s progress.

I studied BSc (Industrial Psychology) at University Of Cape Town) and followed this up with an MBA (Thames Valley University) during my corporate career in my early and mid-working years at The Coca-Cola Company and Procter and Gamble. Here I learned that the devil is always in the detail, the art of systematically conceptualising a clear end- goal and the importance of planning and thinking things through to add value to anything.

After leaving corporate life in 2005, I set up his own investment company Lionshare ( with a diversified portfolio of with investment like the Reef Hotel in downtown Johannesburg, Scania Limpopo dealership partner, buying and significantly growing fuel stations which I then partnered with Kaap Agri to form The Fuel Company, cofounding the Musina Intermodal Terminal and investing in the Venture Capital advisory firm, Grovest. In my journey 15 year till 2020 these investments have yielded an IRR of 40% plus adding value to all my partners, associates/employees and stakeholders.

Giving back to the community forms a greater part of my DNA and is my natural calling and reason for being.Through founding the One Moment Foundation, I have

focused my philanthropic efforts under one umbrella to address our three basic needs: education, hunger and shelter for the homeless in South Africa as inequality

continues to grow and plague the country and continent.

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