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About Me

I am a multifaceted leader, visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to enriching everything I engage with. My advocacy centres around entrepreneurship. My ethos, vision, relentless drive, and passion are committed to advancing South Africa and Africa.


My academic journey began with a BSc in Industrial Psychology from the University of Cape Town, followed by an MBA from Thames Valley University. My corporate tenure at The Coca-Cola Company and Procter & Gamble instilled in me the wisdom that success lies in meticulous attention to detail, systematic goal-setting and thoughtful planning, all aimed at delivering value.


In 2005, I embarked on an entrepreneurial path, establishing Lionshare (, an investment company with a diverse portfolio. Lionshare currently employs over 3500 employees, has over R10 billion annual turnover, an investment portfolio exceeding R1.6 billion and a property portfolio valued at over R500 million


The Lionshare portfolio includes the iconic Reef Hotel in downtown Johannesburg, a Scania dealership in Limpopo, the growth of fuel stations in partnership with Kaap Agri, forming The Fuel Company, co-founding the Musina Intermodal Terminal and investing in the Venture Capital advisory firm, Grovest.


My journey over the past 15 years, until 2020, has yielded an impressive IRR of over 40%, creating value for all stakeholders, partners, associates and employees.


However, my true purpose lies in giving back to the community. Founding the One Moment Foundation has allowed me to channel my philanthropic efforts to address the fundamental needs of education, hunger and shelter for the homeless and less fortunate in Africa, currently serving South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


As inequality continues to afflict our nation and continent, this remains my unwavering commitment and raison d'être to take a moment to help someone!

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